Ten tips for the driving test

So you are ready for your test, here are our 10 ten tips to help you on the big day!

1) Remember – You are NOT the Examiner
so don’t try and second guess what they are thinking!! Don’t dwell on what you think you may have or have not done… the only one who knows is the examiner. You might feel you have made a mistake and will fail your test, but if you addressed it correctly and did all you can to maintain the safety of you and other road users, the examiner may think you have done everything properly and will give you a pass. What we are really saying, is that you should carry on throughout your driving test with the same level of confidence as when you started, as until the examiner states whether you have been successful or not you really can’t be sure of the outcome. Stay relaxed and keep up the good work!!

2) Don’t drive any differently
from how you have been taught. You know you are ready for your test and your instructor knows you are ready for your test, so drive how you normally drive on a lesson, don’t think your examiner will want you to drive a different way, as the chances are it may be wrong!!

3) Listen carefully to the instructions
and if you are unsure speak up, ask your examiner to repeat the instruction so you can carry out the instruction confidently

4) Run through the “Show Me Tell Me” questions
just refresh your memory and ask your instructor before the test if you are unsure of anything or can’t remember how to open the bonnet. That way you won’t pick up any minors during that first part of the test.

5) Don’t forget to eat something
like the car you want to fill up before you go, don’t go out there on empty!!

6) Picture that pass certificate
and the big grin on your face when the examiner congratulates you on your pass!! Stay positive and try and relax. You know you can do it!

7) Sounds Obvious and maybe hard to do but get a good sleep the night before
you want to feel fresh on the big day!

8) Be confident
Talk yourself silently through the test. Talk about signs, corners, traffic light and other things coming up and how you are going to deal with them.

9) Don’t forget to breathe
and if you start feeling anxious try breathing a little deeper and a little longer and get yourself back on track

10) And finally. . . Give it your best shot
You will have all the practice and experience that you need to pass your test on the run up to the big day.   When the day arrives you can do no more than try your best. We’re sure that will be enough!