Driver Training

blog1We teach you to drive and believe the emphasis should be on learning through practical experience, your lessons will be spent driving the car.

We encourage additional driving with friends and family and welcome them to sit in the car an observe lessons.

At Time2pass we offer a range of driving courses to suit your individual needs and preferences. Below is a brief description of each course; however we would like to encourage you to contact us if you are unsure, so that we can plan your driving lessons together to come up with your perfect driving course.

Please note that there is a link to the DSA website on this page for you to book your theory and practical tests: We advise you do this because there are some websites that offer to book your tests for you, but charge you for doing so. This way you only pay the cost of the test itself.

We also have the ‘show me tell me’ questions and answers that you need to know, as you will be asked two of these before your practical test.

Intensive and semi-intensive courses

For both of these courses we would offer an assessment drive first to gauge how many lessons you may require to complete your chosen driving course, especially if you have previous driving experience. We feel it is important to teach you to drive competently and safely but in as short a space of time as is possible for you.

Intensive Courses

These are driving courses taken over one to two weeks with your practical test at the end. To undertake this course you would need to have already passed your theory test and have a practical test booked. Alternatively, you may be planning ahead, and want to book this course to coincide with a practical test that you intend to take in the future. These courses require commitment and can be quite demanding as they require a large number of hours in a short space of time.

Semi-intensive courses

These driving courses are taken over a slightly longer period of time but still aim to get you through your test quickly. Again, you would need to have already passed your theory test. Then, after booking your practical test, we can plan your driving lessons so that you reach test standard in time for you test.

However, if you haven’t passed your theory test yet, it is possible to start your driving lessons, and then proceed to one of the above course when you have passed.

Please refer to our lesson prices page for the cost of these courses.

Weekly lessons

These are for people who do not have any time restraints on when they want to pass their test: You can have one, one and a half or two hour lessons each week, and they can be booked with your instructor in blocks of ten to save money, or each week as you need. Please refer to our lesson prices page for details of block booking discounts.

Refresher lessons

These are ideal for those who have passed their driving test but may not have driven for a while and wish to gain confidence. You can also specify if there is an area of driving that you wish to concentrate on, such as motorway driving, night driving or parking.

Pass plus

This course is for those who have already passed their driving test and wish to improve their driving knowledge and skills. The content of this course is dictated by the Driving Standards Agency, and upon completion you will receive a certificate from the DSA and may get a discount on your car insurance (you will need to contact your insurance company for details).

The course covers six areas:

  • Town driving
  • All weather driving
  • Out of town and rural driving
  • Night driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways

For the cost of this course please go to our lesson prices page.